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If you love baking together, why not set up the shoot in your kitchen?

If you met at the grocery store, why not take your pictures there?

And if you love playing a sport together, why not make a whole themed photo shoot out of it? Get creative and personal and make these pictures your own. The difference between a good picture and a great picture is in the details.

So don’t forget to add in some fun props for that little something extra.

But it’s important to remember to capture our own moments along the way too.

While your photographer is sure to have suggestions and guidance on posing, knowing a couple of pose ideas beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get just the picture you’re looking for.

You're *almost* ready to jump into the online dating fray – you've chosen a dating site and written a profile that will grab her attention, so the hard part's over, right? And you'll want to put some thought into this, because women are visual creatures – just like you.