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During the scene where PJ and Lucy are smoking a single blunt in the basement of the bar, one shot shows PJ about to take a hit as he asks Lucy a questions, and then the scene immediately cuts to Lucy answering as she finishes taking a rip from the joint.

See more ยป Well, the critics loved it, and yes, it's got that certain verisimilitude that the hundreds of gritty, bleak, docudramas have had before it.

When Wes tries to force the entry in a client's house, the man reacts and the lives of the lead characters are entwined in a tragedy.

In Los Angeles, Jaron "Jizz" (Josh Janowicz) is a needy teenager that was molested when he was a child and works publishing advertisements for the sex industry.

And as the viewer, you find yourself just trying to get to the end of the film.