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I came close to resenting my live-in boyfriend’s work trips a few times, even though I knew from experience that business trips aren’t as glamorous as they seem.

It seemed so desirable to be away from home, even for a little bit.

As my friend Aviva says, “That’s when you know you’re in it for the long haul! The first time you complete a home-improvement project together.

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Everyone points to buying their first house or the birth of a child when asked about relationship milestones, and while those are certainly life-changing events, there are a slew of under-the-radar moments that pack just as much significance.

Some may seem small, but anyone who’s been in a relationship for a notable period of time can attest that even the most seemingly unimportant moments can actually prove pivotal to your relationship.

Let’s say Dad does all the child-rearing and house chores while Mom takes her first big work trip, for example, or maybe Dad loses his job just as Mom’s career soars.

In many cases, one or both may become resentful, and how you handle it is key to how you will handle life’s curveballs going forward.

My boyfriend is jealous of anything I do without him, but in a sweet, I-still-want-you-to-be-happy way.