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It’s so tragic, but it works.”With Google calendars that proudly display six or seven different colors corresponding to various clubs, workshops, Greek commitments, lectures and events, time can become a scarce commodity.“We’re very time-conscious here, which I think makes relationships the hardest,” said Carlos Mucharraz, a Weinberg junior who has been dating his girlfriend since his senior year of high school.

“If you bring in that significant other you know that’s going to take up a significant amount of time.”Coming to a mutual understanding about one another’s schedules is ultimately essential for the success of the relationship.

“I actually got yelled at last week for not making enough time, so it’s pretty pertinent,” said Weinberg junior Justin Farmer, who had been dating his girlfriend for only a few weeks at the time he was interviewed.

Long-distance relationships can become a similar logistical nightmare, with Skype dates and phone calls blocked off in between club meetings and classes.

“People think it’s not part of the vision of college to commit to someone because ‘you’re not supposed to settle at this time,’ because that would mean settling for less,” Mucharraz said.