dating in ft collins co - Dating origin orchidaceae

Circles indicate age-constrained nodes; the yellow circle indicates the root node, the purple circle indicates the internal calibration point for subtribe Goodyerinae ( species clustered together with high support value (posterior probability above 0.90), supporting the monophyly of the genus.

However, the resolution within the genus was poor, mainly distinguishing two subclades.

For instance, Goodall-Copestake ], this surprising discrepancy was probably caused by differences in density of sampled taxa and calibration points.

The temporal origin and diversification of orchids (family Orchidaceae) has been subject to intense debate in the last decade.

The description of the first reliable fossil in 2007 enabled a direct calibration of the orchid phylogeny, but little attention has been paid to the potential influence of dating methodology in obtaining reliable age estimates.

Also in this analysis the support values for most clades were high, with only a few values below 0.90 Bayesian posterior probability.

In agreement with the previous analysis, our age estimates indicate that extant Orchidaceae shared a MRCA in the Late Cretaceous, ~77 Ma (95% confidence intervals, CI: 63 - 92 Ma).

Moreover, two new orchid fossils described in 2009 have not yet been incorporated in a molecular dating analysis.