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These groups can be classified based on their class, religion, and geographic locations (Abrahamian 1979; Beck 2014: 249).

Due to their Arab origins, they are sometimes viewed as the “other” for being different from ethnic Persians, while many Arab countries regard them as the “other” as well perceiving them as being Iranians more than Arabs.

This study investigates the media landscape and conflict that is linked to the Ahwazi Arabs with special attention given to social media use.

This tension arises because they are sometimes viewed as not being "true Iranians"due to their secession demands (Tohidi 2009: 311), so they are seen as the other (Elling 2013: 165).

This sentiment increased after the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, when Saddam Hussein tried to monopolize them in order to weaken the Iranian government (Wright 1985).

The study argues that Iranian Arabs are used as pawns by two of the regional players in the Middle East - Iran and Saudi Arabia.