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When the American Revolution began, shifting from the Church of England to become the Episcopal Church was no easy choice.Many of the founders and upper crust of our country were Episcopalian, but we are no longer the church of the establishment. While many of us enjoyed watching the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, recognizing the words of the wedding service as our own, we are also energized by our own Episcopal identity.

We hear and believe the message that God loves all people. “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” is not just a sentence on our signs.

We strive to share that welcome with each other and those we encounter in our lives.

We have often heard the joke about where you find four Episcopalians, you will always find a fifth.

While our faith does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol, we do recognize that for some members of our church communities, substance abuse prevents them from fully loving God, their neighbors, and themselves.

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