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Elektra, Matt's old college girlfriend whom he had dated for a year has become a freelance assassin (after she left him following her father's death and thus getting disillusioned in the law and the future she had planned for herself) and came into conflict with Daredevil many times until she learned his secret identity.Matt tries to convince Elektra to change her ways and love him again but Elektra merely rejects him.Let me start with this will be mostly about Daredevil and Spider-man because they have the best dating lives. In fact if Harry Osborn was reading this while hanging out with Peter Parker he would say: Annnny way the point of this is on April 10th Netflix came out with a Daredevil series and in it Franklin P. Its weird that this person does not automatically come to mind when you think of daredevil relationships seeing as she is around for more than hundred issues. Heather Glenn is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist Maxwell Glenn first met Matt Murdock when he returned to New York City after living in San Francisco.

When Foggy recognized her, Elektra realized she could not carry out the contract and spared his life.

It doesn’t go well after Bullseye escapes from jail and challenges Elektra in combat which ends with Bullseye killing Elektra by stabbing her in the heart with her own Sai after incapacitating her by cutting her neck with a playing card.

She even believed that he did it, so she wouldn't have another commitment to interfere in their relationship.

I don’t know why she would think that since he kind of asked her to quit a few times…

DD is not the only person to have people die due to being with them. If you don’t know much about the Elongated Man, picture plastic man with the detective skills of batman and the emotional upbringing of superman.