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OMG Yes he does I read it in a magazine No, he is totally single right now.

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At the end, the bride said she was thrilled with how everything turned out for her big day, which was photographed by Studio1208.'We had a lot of mishaps and more than that, I couldn't believe we put ourselves through all this stress when we could've gone to the courthouse and gotten a pizza!

went off the air, and one of the MTV series’ main stars has another exciting adventure ahead of her: marriage.

He worked so hard for so long in preparation for this role… taken-by=ddlovato When her boyfriend saw the post, the former he was “embarrassed” but “flattered” about the whole thing.

“That was one of the first exclusive shots of the show, and I was a little embarrassed about her comments, but I was really flattered.” The 35-year-old actor then went on to note that she’s been very supportive of his projects and was overall “really honored.” However, before her relationship with Valderrama, there were a few other boys that captured Lovato’s heart.

They are definitaly going out they are always together!!!!!!!!!! then yes DEMI LIKES STERLING KNIGHT AND JOE JONAS I think that Demi Lavoto likes likes sterling knight and Joe Jonas because in all her shows it seems like she like the 1 person that she like She was currently dating Joe Jonas.. I have her REAL Facebook account & she is secretly dating Sterling. Lol just to let yeah there like each other and twice she have kiss him. Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight are not going out but in the show Sonny With a Chance He Asks Sonny Out.