Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

example of someone doing exactly what they want to do,” Gordon-Levitt said. I think that goes to show that more than ever there’s room for quality and challenging things to become popular.Sure, there’s still a lot of stupid stuff out there but things are changing, I think.

“The best path for anyone is to just trust yourself, do what you believe in and don’t try to cater to executives or whatever big company is going to give you a job at that moment,” Gordon-Levitt said as he munched on a blueberry muffin.

Neither he nor Page arrived with publicist or entourage in tow — both speak more like New York stage actors than L. celebrities; Gordon-Levitt said that he doesn’t see his participation in a $160-million summer film as a surrender to the mainstream because “Inception” flies in the face of most popcorn-film conventions.

She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as a pregnant high school student in the 2007 film Gordon-Levitt, 29, grew up in Sherman Oaks and, from age 15 to 20, in front of America thanks to “3rd Rock from the Sun,” the loopy alien sitcom that ran for six seasons.

With considerable trepidation, he left the cast and acting to pursue studies at Columbia University.

It’s not because of some thing.” Perhaps, but is “Inception” really a sign of the changing times or just an exception to Hollywood’s current business as usual?