Double happiness speed dating

It’s hard to describe but it’s half “escape room” and half maze.

It’s themes are memory, reality and what it means to live life.

I’m even hoping to launch another webcomic here in the not too distant future.

Thanks once again to everybody and I’ll see you soon! by Jason Shiga | June 7, 2016, pm Welp, it’s official. This summer I’ll be moving to Angouleme, the comics/animation capital of France.

I know I pledged to keep this site ad free for all of you and I’m working on a way to try and either pay a fee to have them removed or replace the commenting system altogether!

If anyone here has any good leads on good commenting software, feel free to let me know in the now ad laden comments. by Jason Shiga | April 23, 2016, pm That’s all folks!

Right now I feel Demon’s got the most supportive, smartest audience on the entire internet.