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So if one's dominant function is Extroverted Sensing (Se) (a Perceiving function), one's auxiliary function must be an Introverted Judging function--either Introverted Thinking (Ti) or Introverted Feeling (Fi). There are sixteen possible pairs: The tertiary function plays the same role (Perceiving or Judging) as the auxiliary function but is the alternate process in that role, and in the opposite domain.For instance, if one's auxiliary function is Fi, one's tertiary function is Te.

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There are eight functions: One's most preferred function is called one's dominant function; one's second most preferred is the auxiliary function; the third is the tertiary function; and the last is the inferior function.

Perceiving and Judging functions always support each other, as do Introverted and Extroverted functions.

This method allows student to complete the electives at their own pace, at training agencies of their choice, however they do have to pay for the courses out of pocket and then be reimbursed upon supplying the required information.

The curricula fitted format allows for the inclusion of the components of the ESTP in existing high school credit courses such as the Energy & Mines 30 course.

This represents 2304 days of training, or just 18,000 hours, at no cost to the youth.