Example of a good online dating profile for women

example of a good online dating profile for women-34

My job was to log into a guy’s online dating profile and send messages to girls I thought he would find attractive.

I basically got paid to start conversations for him.

You have to show guys you have good qualities, not tell them. That’s one way to unpack the abstract that is “loyal.” “Awesomeness” is another abstract and annoyingly ubiquitous quality women apparently share.

For example: I’m the kind of woman who would love you “til death do us part” even if, right after we got married, you had sex with my three best friends, lost your job and got in a motorcycle accident in which you lost both arms and a leg and went blind. Different people have different ideas of what constitutes awesome.

Unless you’re a serial killer, you probably share these traits with the rest of the human race.