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Its up-regulation in tumors correlates with poor clinical outcome, possibly because galectin-1 reduces the survival of tumor resident T cells and promotes tumor immune escape (19).

In addition, galectin-1 has been implicated in transplantation tolerance because it diminishes morbidity and mortality of graft-versus-host disease in a mouse allogeneic bone marrow transplantation model (20).

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Trophoblasts (arrow) and stromal cells were galectin-1 positive in a has a conserved 4-exon structure in all investigated taxa.

The coding sequences including indels spans 408 bp; the lengths of the coding regions in the aligned exons were 9 bp, 80 bp, 172 bp, and 147 bp, respectively.

The success of mammalian pregnancy, in which the developing fetus and mother exchange nutrients, gases, and other molecules via the chorioallantoic placenta, requires maternal immune tolerance to fetal allo-antigens (1–4).

This tolerance presumably prevents the occurrence of exaggerated inflammation at the implantation site and reduces the danger of destructive immune attacks on the fetus, a danger that the first mammals with an invasive placenta would have faced (5, 6).

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