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And the guy who signed me up no longer works there. It was like fixing Hillary Clinton up with a Hell's Angels member. Tell you they have someone for you and that is a joke.They never look at your profile and then try to set you up with hobos.

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I was told that the service does not accept membership from people who misrepresent their information (e.g., married or lying on the interview).

I was even warned against using online dating sites where, I was informed, there is a high percentage of married people pretending to be single. My first date had completely dissimilar backgrounds.

My second match was described to me as 5'7", which I noted to the matchmaker was below my height threshold.

The matchmaker asked me to trust her and she reassured me that he would be an awesome match for me.

Utilizing your matchmaking and personality profile your experienced Personal Matchmaker will hand screen introductions that match your predetermined values, interests, and life goals.