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You know — the ones where you’re almost ready to crawl out of your skin if you don’t see some action soon.

Everything about a dry spell is horrible, especially the lack of good sex, but there are a few other side effects that definitely aren’t helping you put it out of your mind: Getting bored with your sex toys.

I have that "Wow, cool, I don't care" mindset when my friends in relationships post Snapchat stories of their boyfriends taking a huge bite into a hoagie (I'm guilty of this one) Social media definitely plays a huge role into modern dating, and instead of helping, I think it's just hurting the dating scene. We shouldn't let the fear of awkwardness get in our way.

Delete your dating apps, and get out there and meet people.

This is otherwise known as "talking." What does it even mean to be "talking" to someone? The one thing that bothers me about modern dating is all the social media.