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/advance (by March 3) or /door includes an entertaining Keynote Address, followed by a fun Dance Party.

After all, isn't a woman who sleeps with a man for money - or at least for extensive use of his credit card - called something else?

A total of £2,500 later, she says, he flew back to Dubai with nothing more than a chaste peck on the cheek in return, to which it's tempting to say, is a likely story.

Sophie's current sugar daddy is a personal trainer with a celebrity client list. He has given her a one-bedroom house of her own near Bromley and presented her with a brand new £18,000 Toyota MR2 sports car just two months after meeting her.

Or what about Natalie Parker, 24, who's studying French and Spanish at university in Southampton?

Her parents - a property developer and a housewife - live in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a gym and a pool in Spain.

There is also, of course, the whole WAG phenomenon, predicated almost entirely on a cynical pact between rich, bored, badly behaved men (Ashley Cole comes to mind) and the women who want to live off them. When the picture of the tastefully greying man floats into view, it says: 'Affluent, caring, generous.' Yet, we're not supposed to call these women prostitutes. But the line between the girl who asks for cash up front and the one who is taken to a designer boutique to choose the latest handbag is surely now as thin as the strap on a La Perla push-up bra. We chatted politely and then the subject moved to shopping. On the second occasion, I met a man at a very posh party. He was persistent and persuasive and, in the end, I agreed to have dinner with him. But a growing number of women would slip that diamond straight in their handbag. Cynical pact: Badly-behaved Ashley Cole and wife Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud Of course, it is still only a tiny percentage of women that would dream of behaving like this; it's just that percentage - which is rising - think what they do is so acceptable.