Henry cavill dating bianca

We were rooting for you, Henry, we were rooting for you. What do you guys think about Henry Cavill’s new girlfriend?

I'm still unsure about his sexuality, but I'm sick of fangurls acting like it's common for straight guys to be posing with their gay guy friends the way this guy poses with this gay friend in particular.

Plus, there have been no mysterious leaks of pictures of them together, so we can infer one of two things: either Henry Cavill told her to stop leaking those photos, OR they’ve broken up.

In all seriousness, it is very, VERY possible that Henry and Marisa have broken up.

Straight guys don't hold hands nor do they pose cheek to cheek and don't start telling us how all of your straight guy friends do it all the time. Straight guys put their arms around each other, they don't hold hands. And if you had the misfortune to actually watch movie, there are scenes later where he very convincingly makes out with a woman. If Corey "gay rights advocate" Spears is lying because he's c-struck, then he's a douchebag. First of all, we aren't saying that one clip proves Henry is gay - it's just one more clue. R27, yes, I did know that which is why I talked about how he is making out with a woman in a later scene.