dating clay pipes - How to deal with dating a married man

but I can't completely because he's not really available." I don't know if I'm off base here. It's certainly allowing him to remain stagnant with you.

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At least then it will better and with better chance to success. you need to decide if you can live the rest of your life being a homewrecker.

Don't be that person, that women that would brake up a family. Plus if he really love you, he will leave his wife and still be a father and then come back to you.

We only had 1 sexual encounter,but 1 time was enough for me to realize that ONE-he was only using me b/c he said he and his wife were constantly arguing over different things (had just lost his job, I guess I was his temporary shoulder to cry on until they made up), TWO-I found out shortly after that his wife was pregnant(so I guess that they weren't having sex as much as he wanted,so once again I was a temporary quick fix),and THREE-I don't like being second best,so I decided to stop talking to him before I started to develop deeper feelings for this man because in the end it won't even be worth it. It's amazing the kind of advice and support I see here.

And even if he decided to leave his wife,he might later on realize that he still loves her and eventually leave you in a bad situation that way. I'm in the same situation and have been with this man for a year now.

We have no plans to get married; we don't even plan to move to one coast or the other.