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She scanned the area, only seeing items like boxes and crates. The space reminded (Y/N) of an elevator, but where was it going? Hearing voices above, she hid behind three large crates stacked up on each other close to the walls. She came out and punched the tall boy in the face, but the boy quickly got a hold of her fist. It's actually the most popular in town, the lady who owns the shop is called Ms.

"There's no one here," a deep, scratchy voice said. Let's just get these out and-" He was stopped by (Y/N). You never smile or else it would show your canines. You have no parents but you work for a nice lady who owns a cake shop.

Lettie and I never got along even as children, sibling rivalry but as Sophie was my twin we were close as two pieces of thread.

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It's a small shop but it's quaint and you like it, not even Ms.

(Y/N) stared at his green eyes and quickly scanned his appearance. Thompson or at least that what everyone else calls her.

Outside the larks were singing, but to the young man, it was like needles being sent through his ears into his fatigued mind.

Close to vomiting, the young man pulled himself up to a somewhat sitting position upon his bed, his shoulder-long hair covering his face.

And he is most definitely one of my top fantasy men! Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olymous, Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games, and Divergent are some of the basic ones I could do. She gave you a small room on the second floor of the building the shop's held in.