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The documents also show the FAA frequently issuing cease and desist letters or other warnings to drone services found to be advertising flights for hire, usually to produce aerial photography.

Among the highlights of those enforcement documents reviewed by Call 6 Investigators: - 23 investigations were launched by FAA over the past two- years in response to complaints or inspectors finding drone flights depicted online - 10 drone operators received warning letters or advisories that their flights were illegal - 5 unauthorized drones were spotted by pilots and reported to FAA - Several drone operators garnered new complaints after having been previously warned by the FAA that their flights were illegal In some cases, the FAA closed its investigations into illegal drone flights when the suspected drone operators would simply claim that photos posted online were actually taken from licensed and manned planes or helicopters. This is an accident waiting to happen," said Tomey.

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When he did not know he was speaking to a reporter, Spencer said he could fly at any altitude that a customer would want.

He said he "wasn't supposed to" fly above 400 feet, but he sometimes flew above 1,000 feet or higher, depending on the job.

Pictures were posted online, but case was closed when operator couldn't be established.

- Several investigations launched in New York City after photos were posted online or drones were reported by bystanders.

When asked if he researched the laws on flying drones for profit, Spencer answered, "No …