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This section describes symptoms and possible ways to improve poor performance in several feature areas in Office Info Path 2007. The views can be dynamic and include repeating and optional sections that modify the layout while the user is editing the form.

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(15 printed pages)Most form designers do not need to be concerned about the underlying technologies of a Microsoft Office Info Path 2007 form template, but understanding those technologies can be useful in determining their performance implications.

When you save an Office Info Path 2007 form, it is saved as an XML file that contains only the data collected by the form.

Data connection performance problems can usually be classified into three issues: too many on load queries, a slow data connection, or too much data returned by the query.

Info Path 2007 has added several features to help improve the experience with data connections: controls.

The following are some of the most problematic view performance issues with some suggested remedies.