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Considering that Mahaprajapati, as Buddha’s maternal aunt, raised him after his mother’s death, she would have been about eighty years old when Ananda was senior enough to make the request.Also, it makes no textual sense that there were bhikshunis before Mahaprajapti who gave her the brahmacharya ordination first.Now if women do not have equal treatment and bhikshuni ordination, again society will look down on Buddhism.

Although Mahakassappa was against the nuns, the Ananda faction won.

But the influence of the Mahakassappa faction many restrictions to be made on the bhikkhunis.

Soon after Buddha, his followers, mainly Ananda, started the bhikkhuni order in order to compete with the Jain tradition, which already had bhikkhunis.

The first Buddhist bhikkhunis were originally Jain ascetics and much of the Jain terminology came into the bhikkhuni vow texts.

“Mahapajapati Gotami as the Bhikkhuni” The bhikkhu sangha ordained Mahapajapati as a bhikkhuni during Buddha’s lifetime, but the full list of bhikkhuni vows, the bhikkhuni bimonthly ceremony for the purification of transgressions (), and the full ritual for bhikkhuni ordination developed almost a hundred years later, toward the end of King Ashoka’s reign.