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Although as it is a pacific rim city, this usually results in white/asian concoctions, but you get my drift.

The only faction that may potentially give you shit is the endless plague of drunken bums, vagrants and junkies who will use any ammo they can after you refuse to give them money.

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But a student interested in doing well can be very successful in Seattle schools.

Either way, my comment was about "inner city schools", not Seattle vs. To debate my point you'd need to find another inner city and parallel statistics (which of course are much more useful in context).

Washington and Seattle have some of the highest "mixed marriage" and "mixed race" percentages in the country.

We also have some of the highest percentages of Asians, Pacific Islanders, and American Indians. Only blacks are really less represented here, and we do have significant historically-black neighborhoods in Seattle and Tacoma.

For comparrison's sake (source: Wikipedia): Racial makeup of Seattle: 67.1% White (all nationalities) 16.6% Asian 9.7% African American 2.4% Other Races 1.0% Native American 0.5% Pacific Islander 4.5% From 2 or more races 6.3% Hispanic or Latino from any race Racial Makeup of New York City: White: 45% White (Non-Hispanic): 37% African American: 28% Hispanic (Any ethnicity): 27% Asian: 10% Avenue Boii I would say you are better off in the PNW then many other areas.

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