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"Aren't you kids a little young to be saving Gotham? Dick Grayson: A week ago, I accidentally slept with Kory.

Tim(Pausing in the midst of typing an essay): No, it’s not that. Be honest with yourself- what did you think your kid would be like? I’m gonna marry her someday.”Dick Grayson: Hey Jason, see that girl?

[Damian has been in the house for almost two weeks. Bruce just wants his family to get along for five minutes]Bruce(In the doorway of Tim’s room): Why are you being like this, Tim? Do you really think our family is so fragile that it’ll break apart over a new member? Bruce: Tim, at some point this crosses the line from ‘cautious’ into 'paranoia’. Bruce ignores him.]Bruce: I checked his luggage myself. Tim(Rolling his eyes): As if we don’t have weapons around the house. There would have to be something messed up about him. Tim(Finally looking up from his computer): You know it’s true! [Dick and Jason are hanging out in a bar, when Dick sees Kory]Future Dick Grayson: It was like something from an old movie, where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his buddy and says, “See that girl?

Go say ‘hi.’ [Damian and Maps have discovered a candle of Neron and, not realizing what it was, made the mistake of lighting it]Maps Mizoguchi(Watching Neron materialize): …What is that? Neron(Finally taking shape): Thou speakest truly, O Child of Wisdom.