Online sex chat russia - Itemstats not updating

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, Item Stats is an awesome plugin that gives you a completely automated and dynamic item linking experience.The only hangup that I have with Itemstats is that it doesn’t support Wowhead out of the box.

Now to add an item to your one of your posts, all you need to do is include the item’s name or id surrounded by the [item] tag somewhere in your text.

Item Stats parses out the [item] code and replaces it with a swanky popup when you hover over the link with your mouse.

My problem is, I'm not sure if I missed a simple step that is just not causing it to work, or if I legitimately need to go in and edit something (not sure what that would be).

I just know that I followed the instructions to "upload it and go" and I'm not having very much success. Looks like you did everything correctly, however I tried to avoid having people need to edit any files but it looks like it might be something I can't get away from.

I feel kind of dumb because the instructions just say to upload it and it should work.