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Our goals are to promote interracial understanding, justice and peace among all people, to raise the standard of the home, and advance the moral, economic, social and religious welfare of the family to promote the education of women and youth through local, state, and regional workshops, seminars and scholarship assistance. BDPA is a national organization made of members from diverse backgrounds, fields and educational levels who come together to promote computer / information technology awareness and skill development in the minority community.The Phoenix Chapter meets on the 2nd WEDNESDAY of each month at the office of "IT CONNECTIONS". We also encourage networking of both students and professionals in the information technology field.Any member, constituent or supporter of HBCUAZ who goes into the dealership and mentions and identifies themselves as such will be able to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for the Kelly Blue Book Price and a new vehicle at fleet factory prices.

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Today, through the efforts of NABA and other interested groups, there are over 200,000 African-Americans participating in the field of accounting, of which over 5,000 are CPAs.

Today, NABA represents the interest of over 100,000 African-Americans and other minority professionals in accounting, finance and other business disciplines.

It is an African-American focused, National Greek Letter Organization with over 870 chapters located across the The public service of Delta Sigma Theta centers on a Five Point Programmatic Thrust: Educational Development, Economic Development, Physical and Mental Health, Political Awareness and Involvement, International Awareness and Involvement.

HBCU Alumni of Arizona (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) is seeking new members.

Simply take your old cell phone, drop it into the collection box and ask for a tax receipt.