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", "not my type", send messages, block a user, see photos and videos, GPS locations, travel plans...

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Online dating agency and matchmaking site Elite Singles also offers its services to the gay and lesbian singles.

Unlike a lot of gay dating sites in this category, the focus here is on finding a serious partner.

It can be a bit confusing for some people that you can only access the products and payments application after you are logged in to one of their other applications (which is not very clearly specified.)Gay Romeo.com, also known as Planet Romeo, started locally as a small network of friends in Berlin and has become one of the main sites for the gay and bisexual male and transgender community worldwide hosting 6 million registered users.

Health is an important aspect for the owners of Gay Romeo.com, that's why they partnered with leading specialist health advice organisations in various countries to deliver clear information and advice on Planet Romeo.

They even created the charity “Planet Romeo Foundation” to give support to a number of gay community projects and good causes.