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Click the Change settings button to bring up the above window.

The key item here is the "Important updates" option, the first one in the list.

The most commonly used server configuration options are available through SQL Server Management Studio; all configuration options are accessible through sp_configure.

Consider the effects on your system carefully before setting these options.

Windows, OS X, and Linux command-line installers support the configuration file, but not every operating system supports all configuration file options.

An installer configuration file is an alternative to, and extension of, options specified on the installer command line.

Clicking this link brings up what will probably be a long list of updates (it could be a short list if your computer is new, however). This can be a helpful troubleshooting tool, as it may help narrow down an update that could have caused your system problems. Clicking this link will bring you to a screen which will undo the update. In the main Windows Update window, you can see options in blue on the left.