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So those who know the real scoop, you owe it to George to post here.

Otherwise we will go, (as a prior poster said) ape shit on his ass.

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Word of the incident is said to have gotten back to showrunner Carol Mendelsohn and resulted in a meeting that ended with Eads threatening to quit. Eads is one of only three actors who have been with CSI from the start (Paul Guilfoyle and Eric Szmanda are the others). Sources tell THR that Eads' absence will be addressed in the fourth episode of the season when Catherine (Marg Helgenberger, who will reprise her role in the landmark 300th episode) hand-picks his character to receive special training at Quantico. And his actions are probably based in a feeling of a lack of control as the show is coming to an end and he has slim to no options for work after that.

He's just another middle aged guy fighting getting a paunch, not exactly leading man material anymore. This tells me there must have been a physical element to it.

What's worse, the photo R124 posted was the best of the bunch.

If you look at the rest from that shoot on wireimage.com, they're horrendous. from ‘CSI’ for Part of Season Eads, who has played Nick Stokes since the series’ pilot in 2000, most recently appeared on the series for its Oct. CBS Television Studios announced in August that Eads would largely be absent from the first half of the current season of “CSI, »I have no interest in CSI but I did follow George's career so I was really surprised to click on this thread to see R142's post.

And, "a meeting that ended with Eads threatening to quit".