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“They’re good for each other.” This isn’t Jennifer’s first co-star relationship.

Blind Gossip – Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jennifer Love Hewitt was the guest.

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They won't have the investment you have, so they can see more clearly, and they'll tell you if he doesn't seem right to them somehow." Hewitt admits that she herself has often made the love-life mistake of not knowing when to get out. The only person you hurt by staying in a relationship that's over is you," she says.

"That's when you really have to say, 'Life is short.

, adding that the two have quietly been seeing each other for eight months.

“I wouldn't be surprised if they settled down soon.” “They have a solid and healthy relationship, and Brian has been very supportive of Jennifer, especially as she mourned the death of her mother [in June],” says the pal.

This beautiful actress was going on a date with an actor. ” Jay leaned in, and whispered their names in Love’s ear.