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Sheikh Yassine’s daughter, Nadia Yassine, increasing emerged as movement’s chief political organizational leader as her father slipped into his dotage (he died in 2012).

Openly critical of the monarchy and in almost constant conflict with the Moroccan government, JCO is committed to the dissolution of the country’s current constitutional system and its replacement by an Islamic republic.

The Moroccan government refuses to recognize JCO as a political party.), but asserts allegiance to democratic principles in order to differentiate itself as a political movement that opposes what it considers to be Morocco’s authoritarian political system.

Since the 1970s, its leader and founder, Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine, has openly challenged the legitimacy of the Moroccan monarchy.

For that stance, he was tried in 1984 and sentenced to house arrest—a sentence that remained in force until 1989.

The following year, JCO was officially outlawed pursuant to a ban that would endure until modified by the current king, Mohammed VI, in 2004.

He does not shy away from asking—and answering—hard questions about what local, regional, and national identities actually consist of, who they encompass and why, their internal contradictions, and their changing meanings.