N900 not updating

It looks like there is no synchronization between the 2 but it works whichever PC I use!!

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Generally this solution is deprecated for you if you don't feel familiar with kernel installation stuff. v=u MHxo1ALXNE Another nice one (I (jr/doc S) prefer it better): If so, it'd be great to flesh out the wiki page with installation instructions (to make it easy for users to install without worrying about missing a step or getting it wrong); explain more about the SSU and generally spruce up the wiki page and maintain things like the changelogs etc. If so, with Nokia now looking to Harmattan and Mee Go, we'd love to see your itches addressed in the Community SSU (CSSU). There are, therefore, two repositories: testing and stable.

feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=DPVHOp GVz ZY Nevertheless read this full page as well, before starting CSSU installation, so you understand what it's all about. Have you always wanted to implement something in hildon-desktop, but Management stood in your way? Changes are carefully tested, with an extensive set of tests, before things are made "stable".

CSSU-Thumb is based on CSSU-Testing flavor, but uses a very low level patch to kernel to overcome the bugs in OMAP chip related to thumb/ARM mixed code. However see the notice above about CSSU not going to include anything that better gets implemented as a normal app.

Thus the binaries from CSSU-Thumb will not work in a "normal system", and several things like u Boot or flashing --flash-only=kernel stop working the way they used to, and you need to take special care regarding the changed behaviour of those. Nonetheless CSSU actually will host apps that are specific to CSSU core system, the orientation-lock applet being first of a possibly ever increasing number.

LED patterns) are reset to the original configuration, with the exception of the lock code; if you have already set a custom lock code, it will remain intact, instead of reverting to the default "12345".