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" She heard Naruto yell, making her snap her eyes open.

One of Sasuke's fireballs was heading right for her, moving insanely fast.

A local gang leader and his followers later come to settle their differences with Naruto, but are defeated by the latter's yo-yo-based techniques.

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Naruto then defeats, one after another, the most prominent fighters in the school, including: The narrators speculate that Naruto's reason for staying in the school after these victories is to challenge Sasuke, since the two had gotten into a fight on the day of Naruto's arrival and held several competitions since.

As an act of revenge, the defeated gang leader has his men kidnap Sakura, Ino and Hinata, unable to defeat Naruto in a fair fight.

It was worse than she thought."You're pretty hurt Naruto, don't move.

It's really bad, but I have some ointment and stuff that I think can help.

Naruto's eyes shot open at Sasuke's words as he started to piece everything together. Sakura scrunched up her eyes and turned towards Naruto.

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