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Nikki receives a first impression rose, while in a twist Megan received the most votes from the other ladies as the "woman there for the wrong reasons and should leave" during a vote-off, but received instead a rose.

Ann, Dominique, Emily, Jackie, Julie, Nicole, Renee, Shelby, Stacia, and Treasure were all eliminated in the first rose ceremony.

But then when I did , I cooked for all the boys, and they’ll tell you that they loved it, and everyone was like, “You should do something when you come back home — get a show or get a book or something.” And eventually, somebody tried my food, and they happened to be a publisher and loved it and offered me a deal. -wise, there’s a time when we were cooking, and one of the girls on my season — he name is Raquel [Medeiros] — she cooked risotto with red wine.

It was more like, “Do you want risotto with your red wine?

Mesnick was the runner-up of season four of The Bachelorette.