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When I requested to talk to a supervisor or manager or how it would be handled with my information out there on my profile, the answer was "well we reset it and you cannot get a refund but feel free to continue to use it For another month." I'll tell everyone to never use this site. Now after more than a year later I realized that they are still charging me.

I asked for a refund too due to the inconvenience to have to change my password everywhere and they said they don't do refunds and acted like getting hacked is a normal thing and nothing they could do. I found a match and we decided after a month to be exclusive..both wrote and thanked match gave them a high rating and after 6 months they started emailing my boyfriend. The matches at least in my age group and area are awful. Unintelligent, no class, and men who don't take care of themselves or hide the fact they're bald with hats. Do you think we don't know why you're always wearing a hat?! I complained because I checked online and verified this and no one ever responded back to me from Match! I called the customer service and tell them that I have not even log on the their sit after the 3 month. They won't give me the manager's name, number or any contect information. Don't have to say that I didn't get a date during that 3 months. I had a free profile on Match for months and decided to try a paid subscription.

Yes, I am quite picky about my dating choices but many of the women on here are equally or more so, particularly in the matter of "financial security." I frequently saw many women's ads that requested men to have incomes of 150k plus! I joined Match Affinity for £9.99 I cancelled about a week after. I e-mailed Match to try to get this resolved and they terminated my account.

I never actually dated any women on Match because I encountered same old problem--not interested in women who sent me winks and never heard back from women that I was interested in. I have been charged £44.95 for Match Com which I did not subscribe to. When I asked why they simply said that I would need a court order to find out, or tough we're not telling you.

Letting him know about promotions and that people were interested. I have been on several times and have been disappointed both times. Within days my profile was hacked and my profile was changed, moved from man seeking women to woman seeking women and a strange woman's picture was put up.

We both requested an unsubscribe but a couple months after that they hit me up with promos. This dating site, purportedly the largest of it's kind, is not inexpensive and does not allow someone to purchase a monthly membership--only three months or more. I moved the profile to hidden and tried to change my password but couldn't.

I explained I did this and obviously it did not work because that person was able to log back into my account again.