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Sometimes I just feel so stuck by all the things I’d like to learn more about and can’t justify taking the time to learn more about, ya know?

I’ve literally never given a talk at a conference before.) Back in late May, I spoke at Donut JS, a totally rad Meetup organized by a bunch of Portland tech wonder-folk. I highly encourage folks to attend and/or present if they’re in Portland and can swing it. OK, I guess second, since I spoke to a Meetup group of all of three people about social media one time in like 2013.

And I’m always the MC of App Camp for Girls in Seattle, and I’ve been leading webinars for my Microsoft job for months.

I finally got a copy of CS6 of my very own, but with no training or experience whatsoever, I of course suck at using it. And since Grant is the one who’s been doing most of my image editing up until like right now, he’s the only one with access to the versions of anything at all.

Beyond sucking at the actual tools, and not having assets, I’m just kind of clueless and/or thoughtless about the actual content I want to create.

Sometimes I build things dumb or ugly just to not have to rebuild an entire other thing, you know?