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Presently 72% of these abadies have been notified i.e.accepted by the government, while more then 40% of the houses have been provided land title- remaining are under process.

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The district is home to the biggest Maya temple of the pre-classic period.

The Maya of the area came in contact with the Europeans in the 1530s, after which the two groups fought over land.

The farming of other crops, and tourism, also play a role in the economy.

The region is highly populated by Mestizos, Yucatec Mayas, Kriols, Mennonites, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indians, and other people from Central America. 2010 Population and Housing Census has Orange Walk town's total population as 13,400 residents. The total number of households is 3,361 and the average household size is 4.0.

For livelihood, people set up micro enterprises in their homes.