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Playing cat and mouse dating

The other person will call and text, then when he starts talking about how much he will have me one day, I love you shit..this..when I tell him off, he's like forget you then. Yeah, I agree it's just that I can' t seem to get the man that I really want to play the cat and mouse game with.

:)))))))))God I hate, really hate, "cat and mouse" games when it comes to dating, relationships, and the woman/man thing!!

For some men with much experience and some bits of wisdom, they know that many ladies who would play that game do NOT qualify for it,and the few that do would likely discount any man that was making ALL that effort as he seemingly must not have many other options in his social life..

There is what I call the "Goldilocks rule" of seeking a delicate balance in what should be a mutual effort by the two adults relating...

It might simply be that he is THAT horny, and hungry to get into her shorts, or that he has other women serving as temporary alternates, so the "interest" he has, may or may not be as desirable to the woman as she might wish.