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He lives in hostels and there's a chance he may have to leave the country one day, but I love him so let's try look past that." No, this isn't the tagline to a cheesy rom-com, this is my reality.I'm dating a backpacker, and let me tell you, it's sure been one crazy journey.Well, in my defense, we were in a noisy bar, and he said "bro" more times than I could count. He told me about his first encounter with New Zealand.

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I knew that New Zealand was a great place to live, we have it pretty good in this wee nation.

However, it wasn't until I met a backpacker that I opened my eyes to how beautiful our country really is.

One of his favourite memories was being on the Earnslaw boat in Queenstown and watching the sunset.

As it set over the horizon, all the snow on The Remarkables (a snowboarding mountain) glowed a pinky-purple.

A year ago while I was a fresher adjusting to uni life (studying, clubbing, being broke, and repeat), my boyfriend had landed in New Zealand and was adjusting to kiwi life.