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According to Susan Brownmiller, The group that became Women Against Pornography was livelier and more diverse than any I'd ever worked with in the movement.Maggie Smith's bar, with "I Will Survive" blaring on the jukebox, was a pit stop for the neighborhood prostitutes she was trying to keep off junk.

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The diversity in perspectives within the group was the source of considerable debate and some acrimony.

WAP originally did not take a stance on the issue of prostitution, for example, since there was a division between members who opposed prostitution as a form of male domination and those who wanted to bring prostitutes into the movement.

The positions of Women Against Pornography were controversial.

Civil liberties advocates opposed WAP and similar groups, holding that the legislative approaches WAP advocated amounted to censorship.

Through their march as well as other means of activism, WAP was able to bring in unexpected financial support from the Mayor's office, theater owners, and other parties with an interest in the gentrification of Times Square.