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The next day, they're horrified to discover that they got married the night before while drunk.They reluctantly decide to remain married contractually for three months as a cover for Jie Xiu's secret relationship with a famous model-actress (Tiffany Hsu).El dia 25.06, Rainie y co-estrella de Joseph Chang estaban en la ciudad para promocionar su último drama "Drunken to Love You".

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The journey is familiar in terms of plot and premise, but it strikes a better and more realistic balance of romance and comedy than many other similarly themed idol dramas.

Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang play two strangers, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu, who meet at a bar and get drunk together over their respective relationship failures.

She managed to play different kinds of characters and gave new vibe to it! I love her character as Chen Baozhu.looks really2x cool in her character the same with Show Lou as Lin Da Lung..

However, l think ever since Hi My Sweetheart, her recent dramas aren't not as big. She is really amazing in everything, i like her because she is very good in acting, singing, and dancing.. I collect your dramas in dvd, photos and music video with Show Lou..

I loved you Hi, My Sweetheart, Miss No Good these dramas were sooo cute! I can't stop listening to Ai Mei (in Chinese and Japanese), Yue Ai, Lang Lai Le, Ninmeng de Pengyou and many more.