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Ten years later, the two accidentally bumped into each other. Having been over her initial shock, the woman asked her husband in disbelief, “That was your boss? He’s a very humble person but his life is quite a sad story. Now he’s a multimillionaire who earns millions of dollars a month.

The ending of the story is absolutely unexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life. Overcome with his love for the girl, the boy proposed to her. Go find and marry someone else of your level.”Despite being rejected so hurtfully, for some reason, the boy could not forget her so easily. They said he once loved a lady but she dumped him because he was just a poor boy back then. Unfortunately though, he couldn’t move on from that heartbreak and remains unmarried still.”The husband went on and said, “How lucky would that lady have been if she had married that man?

However, the rich girl derisively rejected him and said, “Your monthly salary is equivalent to my daily expenses. Roughly 10 years later, they accidentally ran into each other in a shopping mall. ”The husband then turned to his wife and said, “Dear, I’d like you to meet my boss. ”The lady looked in total shock and couldn’t utter a word. Furthermore, it is just like a mirror – you can only see as much as it reflects.

I’m now married to a very smart man, and his salary is $15,700 per month! ”The man, hearing those painful words from the woman he used to care for, held back his tears and said nothing. ”The woman, left flabbergasted by the turn of events, was not able to say anything back.

Not a few moments passed when the woman’s husband came back to her side.

She is embarrassed, but stands in front of him and talks back to him. this is the first time after a while that I watch J-drama after a pile of K-dramas I is refreshing! This drama sucked big time cause of all the good comments it has you think maybe it will get better but oh no it doesn't ......does not gets worse and stupid and ****** up . I found that they talked a hell lot about technology and frequently commented on the girl's stupidity and how she behaved like a "dog" ...... This drama make me think "ah..there is still an interesting dramas at this times" and toru hyuga change my vision about sexy man. Sexy man is Toru Hyuga (or should i say Sexy Man is Shun Oguri) ^^ I just finished watching the drama for about a week and all I think of is still Hyuga and Natsui.

I love how the story is realistic and Hyuga-Makoto chemistry is right on point.. I'm craving for more J-dramas but don't know what to watch since I'm not experienced in J-dramas.. love Makoto Natsui character , reminds me of han jieun character in full house, a stupid ,funny, cute and she really breaks my heart as han jieun did. Some people said it's referred the biography of Jobs but I think so what. So, i really hope there will be season 2 for this drama.

Because of this, they tend to check the contents of a man’s bank account first before knowing their personality and character.

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    As a Chinese, single woman in the UK - where I have rarely come across racism – my East Asian friends and I have encountered a fair share of men with telltale signs of yellow fever.

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    But of course, it will also show how much they love each other, hihi... But after i watch this one, AAAAAAA i can say it's the best drama i've ever seen. Fine with your permission allow me to take hold of your feed to stay up to date with coming near near post.

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    David Lean’s Oliver Twist (1948) – a film made only three years after the Holocaust – had Alec Guinness portraying Fagin as a grotesque stereotype with a prosthetic hooked nose.

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