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They had all the necessary assets — an apartment on Manhattan's exclusive Upper East Side, a townhouse in Long Island and a mansion in the Hamptons.

Bruce's family are staunch Republicans — his brother, Brad, is a strategist and close friend of George W Bush — and he was made commissioner of the New York Port Authority by the then Republican governor George Pataki.

But nobody could accuse her of resting on her gilt-edged laurels, either — Mc Cartney likes his women to work as well as play — and she holds both a prominent position in her family's £250 million trucking business, New England Motor Freight (NEMF), and is a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York (the city's equivalent of London Transport).

Like both of Paul's ex-wives, she is a keen charity worker, although — like one of them — she does not shout about it.

But it is Nancy, 47, possibly the most glamorous trucking executive in the world, who has emerged as the most serious contender so far for the recently vacated title of Lady Mc Cartney.