Africa naked webcam roulette - Salesforce updating audit fields

Often times App Exchange apps get installed and we tend to forget about them but they need some lovin’ every now and again.It’s easy to install free apps to evaluate them so during this audit, take some time to review what is installed and if it is being used. Keep in mind that deleting App Exchange apps can be tedious depending on the app as sometimes they infiltrate the org.

Review the existing dashboards in your org and determine what can be removed.

Purge at will and as you do so, you’ll feel good for de-cluttering!

Email templates are also candidates for deletion – especially those tied to the inactive workflows.

Delete what is not being used any longer to tidy up the template folders. With all of this work, you are going to need some good music to listen to.

This can lead to confusion as to which user was the actual author of a contact creation or modification.