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Grant said she started building risk factors as a young child. Her mom moved her and her brother to 28 different states in a span of just a few short years. When her family moved back to Maine when she was 12, she started dating a boy four years older than she was."No one ever talked to me about sex or boys or how to say no or boundaries or -- nothing. So when he pressured her to have sex, she didn't stop him. The trafficking report found that women most likely to enter the life have a history of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

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And traffickers exploit these womens' needs, making them feel like they have no other choice but to work the street. She was talking to a friend in a restaurant, when two men approached them and asked if they wanted to make some money. They forced us to do sexual things to them and if you tell anybody, you'll have your son taken away from you...

Not knowing what this job was, they went to a brown apartment building the next day. And that was all they needed to say."For other women, the trap can be health care they can't afford... Keller said, "Most women don't want to be doing this.

Family life includes the following topic areas: family structure, extended families and interpersonal relationships; gender roles and stereotypes; marriage; divorce; contraception and family planning; the reproductive process; prenatal care; heredity; parenting; “latch-key” kids; domestic and sexual abuse; and child care skills and responsibilities.

YORK, Maine - A former Roman Catholic priest who spent more than a decade in a Massachusetts prison for raping an altar boy has been indicted in Maine on 29 counts of sexual misconduct dating to the 1980s.

Sprague said, "It isn't just our feeling anymore.