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Hi Anurag, Can i know is it look good for you people posting such things in the forum is good one or not and can you say that your problem got solved or not can you say that and you do not repeat the same mistake.

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so they ( specially for me ) feel shy on meeting alone on suhagrat..... im feeling shy..can i touch my newly wedded unknown wife.... then touch her Hi Anurag, You have posted proper reason but the matter is in these days in arrange marriage people are spending some time each other before marriage. It is not compulsory that you have to consummate your marriage on that night itself.

Arranged marriages are off course different from love marriages.

I understand that u r in an arranged mrg and may be feeling a bit shy about making ur moves.

But, even in arranged marriages, the couple meets frequently before mrg (after engagement or so) and talk a lot, discuss stuff, share thoughts and experiences.

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