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Čitao sam da većina ovih naši "čajna trgovaca" dolazi iz neke zabiti u Kini i da su pobegli od motike (država im daje neke privilegije ako odu u inostranstvo i valjaju kinesku robu) , dakle zadnja klasa kao kad bi u Srbiji po njivama tražio top pičetinu.

He was perhaps wanting in firmness of character, and the undue influence exercised over him by unscrupulous ministers, or by the seductions of fairer but no less ambitious votaries of statecraft, led him to make concessions which tarnished the glory of his reign, and were followed by baneful results for the welfare of his empire.

It is from Suleiman's time that historians date the rise of that occult influence of the harem which has so often thwarted the best efforts of Turkey's most enlightened statesmen.

The Quebec team's results echo the findings of an earlier study published in the Journal of Sex Research in 1990.

Regarding the different types of sexual fantasies between men and women, the authors wrote: The researchers surveyed just 182 females and 125 males - most between 17 and 29 years old - all of whom were attending a California state university or junior college at the time.

The spreadsheet allegedly emailed in a fit of priapic pique by a frustrated US husband denied his conjugal rights is – fake or not – an exquisite primer in the fundamental ways in which men and women are from different planets.