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1 · Yesterday at Richard Sepulveda I came across your article online quite accidently. Being that I spent about 15yrs living in Chapel Hill and being an employee at Duke and a great fan of Duke basketball, I was intrigued. 1 · Yesterday at Alex Stefan Russo When it rains, it pours.

I am not necessarily intrigued by what statements you are making but by the strong personal stance you have taken and the way you articulate your personal story. 5 March at Alvin Wong I hope that the negativity from those comments doesn't effect you and that you go on to graduate from Duke. She has publicly stated that she is just doing it for the money for college tuition!

Date: February 22nd, 2014 PMAuthor: ....:::..:....:::..:...;;;..;...:.::if you google her name you can find substantial porn links.

Also her twitter has links to previews of the various porns she's shot.

I know for a fact that plenty of girls and guys in the industry go to college there. You are an idol to every person that has ever been bullied and I think it is great that you do not give up. Why do people even intrude in other peoples private life so often even if it is none of their business?