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As a matter of fact, as the disease progresses along (and it is a fatal, progressive disease) it gets harder and harder to even GET sober.

So there's a very scary (but true) saying in the rooms of recovery: "I know I have another drunk in me, I don't know if I have another recovery in me." The thing is, with this disease, one never knows if one does have another recovery in you.

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One of the ways a person gets to AA is being made to go by the courts or the jobs or by the family.

Then, it's "get the body there and the mind will follow." They keep going until eventually it gets into them and they start really liking it and understanding what it's about, and feeling comfortable there, and getting verbal there, and talking, and sharing, and seeing that it really is helping them tremendously.

There are people who go out and come back in, and go out and come back in AA all the time, and then one day when they want to come back into AA, they've lost the choice, and they try desperately and they can't get sober.

The lucky ones crawl back in years later, and look like they have fought the Vietnam War by themselves; that's how bad they look.

This doesn't mean that there aren't some alcoholics who will talk a lot about it before they go because they're scared and they're sort of working their way up to it. One of the changes that family members must do is to start listening to what the alcoholic DOES, not what he says.